Awesome Designs, Second-to-None Quality & Unsurpassed Customer Reviews. 

Just Three of Many Reasons Licensees see us as a Unique Opportunity!

  • Secured USPTO Registered Trademarks for:
    • Apparel
    • Beverages
    • Furniture
    • Textiles
    • Snacks/Candy


What you get as a Tropical Vibes Licensee is this:

  1. Partnering with a company that earns the following kinds of accolades (one example): 

“Tropical Vibes represents the type of business that Visa wants to support…they are a minority, female-owned early-stage start-up with a social-impact driven mission.”                         - Lindy Mockovak, Sr. Director, Social Impact Communications, Visa.

  1. A strong emotional connection to customers who align with our brand (and therefore yours) via an engaging form of escapism from the stress of everyday life and visions or memories of exotic island experiences.
  2. Passionate aspirations toward an ocean-centric lifestyle that embraces the beach, sunbathing, relaxation, surfing, kayaking, diving, paddle boarding, and yachting. 
  3. A feel-good solution on many levels and an “in-the-meantime” substitution for a leisure dream obstructed by time or monetary constraints.

If you’re asking, “How mainstream is the ‘fun-in-the-sun’ industry?” It’s the right question - indicating you’re on the way to seriously engaging with us. So, here are the answers:

Ocean-based tourism and recreation Big Data signifies that it:*

  • Contributes approximately $143 billion in gross domestic product annually to the national economy.
  • Employs more Americans than the entire real estate industry and more people than building construction and telecommunications combined.
  • Generates multiple oceanic leisure experiences that have captured the minds of millions and a substantial percentage of their consumer dollars.

* The Office of Coastal Management:

Moreover, it’s a marketplace defined by companies like:

  • Tommy Bahama - Bought by Oxford Industries (2003) for $325 million. Licenses home furnishings, eyewear, watches, umbrellas, hats, fragrances, and a rum brand. Operates 160 company-owned retail stores and 14 Tommy Bahama restaurants. 
  • Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville (JBM) - In 3 countries and six island locations, Franchising & managing the JBM tropical island theme. Focuses on restaurants (50+), merchandise outlets, active adult communities, hotels, resorts, a cruise liner, casinos, and beach apparel.
  • Salt Life (SL) - Bought by Delta Apparel (2013) for $37 million. In California, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. Owns and operates 21 retail outlets with more opening in 2023 & Salt Life Food Shacks - serving beach-inspired food and drinks. Will launch SL Home Collection in 2024.  It markets Salt Life Lager.


So what’s Tropical Vibes’ Value Proposition that warrants a place among the market pioneers above?

First, our value proposition: To develop Tropical Vibes as a sustainable brand providing second-to-none “fun-in-the-sun” and tropical island lifestyle experiences via a range of quality licensed products, imagery, and messaging.

Second, our quality-first-no-matter-what removes us from the "flimsy, tacky, and unbranded" low-margin market segments. Thus, we see ourselves emerging as:

  • An iconic brand synonymous with the upmarket imagery we've painted above. 
  • Eventually, in a space alongside the "fun-in-the-sun" leaders.
  • Springboarding off their promotional positivity but not competing head-on.  
  • Making waves as groundbreaking entrants in the market segments reflecting;
    • A younger demographic than Tommy Bahama and Margaritaville (35 to 65-age group)
    • College-educated professionals in upwardly mobile careers
    • Higher than average household income.

But that’s only half the story! 

We’re confident we can capture the lion’s share of consumers who:

  • Don’t take themselves too seriously.
  • Work hard and play hard.
  • Can realistically afford a tropical vacation experience today or in the future.
  • Value social contribution and giving back to the community.
  • Are willing to pay more for a brand they’re loyal to.
  • Less likely to allow “flavors of the day” sway their brand commitment.
  • Value customer watersport experiences on vacation or any sport when not.
  • Accept “fun in the sun” brands as stepping stones, not be-all-and-end-all solutions.

The Team Behind Tropical Vibes has successfully achieved five meaningful differences in our approach:

  1. Engaging imagery & aligned communication aimed at creating and reinforcing a passionate community and connection to a unique lifestyle via Tropical Vibes’ products.
  2. Supporting Coral Reef Restoration & MacArthur Beach State Park - leading nonprofits & dedicated tropical ecosystem regenerators - via financing and time commitment.
  3. Positioning Tropical Vibes with an instantly recognizable logo and palette as an iconic 360-degree lifestyle brand across all products to capture the vision of an idyllic life in the tropics.
  4. A zero-tolerance quality control policy ensures the customer experience that never wavers. 
  5. Secured USPTO Registered Trademarks for Apparel, Beverages, Furniture, Candy/Snacks and Textiles

Please go to ABOUT US for insight into the drive, passion, and team leaders behind our brand.

Our five milestones to date are only the beginning of a journey we’d like you as our licensee to join us on:

  1. As mentioned above, we have secured USPTO Registered Trademarks for Apparel, Beverages, Furniture, Candy/Snacks and Textiles.
  2. We have over 25,000+ engaged social media followers who have provided more than 9.6 positive reviews for every ten received. 
  3. Even though we're a young company, we have also determined that at least 21.6% of our customers are repeat buyers (versus 15.6% a year earlier). 
  4. Average orders are $78.24 from Direct to Consumer (DTC) - selling through our branded website and Amazon - and 90 Independent retailers in US & Canada who stock Tropical Vibes products as follows:
  • Men's and women's baseball caps & brimmed hats.
  • Men's shirts.
  • Women's long sleeve shirts, short sleeve tees.
5. First non-executed licensing deal presented in late ’22 (apparel).

Here’s our vision for tomorrow, which includes taking selected Licensees to the next level:

We will accelerate Tropical Vibes’ distribution and promotion through multiple channels, energized by USPTO secured and to be approved categories (see above). And in addition, we intend to open Tropical Vibes stores in high-traffic resort locations to create a double-whammy distribution and brand promotion benefit. Our target locations are cruise ports, resort areas, destination shopping areas (such as Disney Springs), and mid to high-end malls. 

Our Vision of the Ideal Tropical Vibes Licensee:

  1. First and foremost, viable licensee entities must be excited about our "Fun in the Sun" theme and find our value proposition compelling.
  2. Secondly, your industry should seamlessly connect to our USPTO Registered Trademarks for Apparel, Textiles, Food/Snacks, Non-alcoholic Beverages and Furniture.
  3. While (1) and (2) above indicate your company is a compelling candidate, it's only half the story. Can you present the following?
    1. A strategy and development process that complements our core offerings and will simultaneously enhance your brand.
    2. A brand-centric team with the experience and expertise to make (a) above a reality.
    3. Allocated team members to implement the licensing program with an understanding of our mutual objectives and all the operational tactics essential for success.



Dear Potential Licensee,

“I fully appreciate our licensees’ trust and confidence in our expertise and the steps they take to make such a commitment. The partnership, as proposed, embraces my unshakeable promise that maximizing the opportunity is my number one priority. As a result, my team will treat the licensing objectives with the highest level of oversight and respect. So be assured if you join the Tropical Vibes family, we'll leave no stone unturned to emerge as the best entity in the tropical "fun-in-the-sun" island paradise market, as described in this presentation from every angle. Our default goal is to exceed our initial success objectives by creating outcomes that outpace your expectations.

While covering vital aspects, this presentation only touches the surface of what we can do together. I'm sure you have questions based on what you've seen. So, I welcome a direct conversation at your convenience to fill in the gaps and enter the fold, assuring you of my team's undivided loyalty to your brand and that ours will stand proudly alongside it.

I look forward to meeting you soon."

Kim Jones