Tropical Vibes, LLC is proud to announce its partnership with the Coral Restoration Foundation (CRF) and their efforts to restore coral reefs around the world. Coral reefs are an essential part of our environment, providing habitats for a variety of marine life, protecting coastlines from storms and erosion, and providing food sources for many species.

Coral reefs are some of the most beautiful and important tropical ecosystems in the world, but unfortunately, they are being severely damaged. Human activities such as pollution and overfishing have caused coral bleaching and death, leading to massive losses of biodiversity. Conservation efforts are underway to protect coral reefs from further damage, but more must be done to ensure their survival.

“We are partnering with Coral Restoration Foundation because this partnership will enable us to leverage their expertise in coral restoration and conservation, while providing support for their ongoing efforts. By partnering with CRF, we are demonstrating our commitment to making an impact on the health of our oceans. And since reef-building corals are only found in shallow tropical and subtropical waters, we felt there was a natural fit between our two organizations.” said, Kim Jones, CEO of Tropical Vibes.

CRF is working hard to protect these vital ecosystems by restoring damaged coral reefs and educating people about why they are so important.

With our support, we hope to help CRF in their mission to preserve and restore these precious resources.