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Tropical VibesKim and Brett started Tropical Vibes because they believe that there is something really magical about the tropics. Tropical destinations draw tens of millions of visitors each year because of the regions’ rich and varied history, culture, and culinary delights. And, like us, many people are simply drawn to the warm sun, beautiful beaches, and blue water.

That's why we started Tropical Vibes. Unlike many other entrepreneurs, we didn’t daydream about starting this business while we were toiling away in corporate jobs. We actually bought a travel agency only to quickly discover that it was not the business for us. Unfortunately, our clients seemed to agree!
Instead, they kept asking us for our Tropical Vibes branded gear and within a short time, we were selling way more gear and far less travel.

Along the way, we’ve experienced all of the typical new business highs and lows. We’ve developed some great retail partnerships and we’ve agonized over the powerlessness of having product stuck at the port during COVID. Our garage (slash gym, slash actual garage) has been stuffed full of boxes, and our friends and family have been recruited to help with everything from taking stacks of packages to the post office, modeling for photo shoots, and being strong shoulders for us to lean on during our toughest days.

We want Tropical Vibes to be the brand you think of when you get the inkling to bring some sunshine and brightness into your world or when you just want to join us on our mission of making the world a (slightly) happier place.
Tropical Vibes
Kim & Brett