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Living the Tropical Vibes Lifestyle

Posted on October 08 2020

Living the Tropical Vibes Lifestyle

The clean smelling air, the vibrant colorful flowers, the warmth of the sun, and the gorgeous, soft sand beaches, welcome to the tropics! 

The tropics rank among the top travel destinations in the world. Who hasn't dreamt of running away to an exotic tropical island? Remote tropical vacations are the stuff dreams are made of. 

But there is so much more to the tropics. The area known as the tropics covers roughly one-third of the earth's surface. The region lies between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, the area closest to the equator. Because of the region's proximity to the sun, the area is known for abundant sunshine and warm temperatures. This hot, humid, and pleasant year-round weather draws tens of millions of visitors annually.

If you've ever had the pleasure of visiting the region, then you understand what we mean by Tropical Vibes. There is something innately calming about stepping off a plane or sailing into the warmth and energy that is the tropics. Whether you choose a high-end five-star resort or if you prefer sleeping on a beach under the open stars, there is something almost primal about our desire to visit, if not live, in the tropics.

The tropical splendor is hardly summed up in beaches and pina coladas, as its flora and fauna set this region of the world apart from the rest. Each plant and animal is optimized to thrive in the luxurious ecosystem of the tropics makes them some of the most diverse creatures on earth. 

Did you know that more than 2,000 tropical forest plants exist with anti-cancer properties? The tropics are Mother Nature's Pharmacy ,as host to a myriad of unique plant compounds, waiting to be shared by locals and understood by modern science. According to the U.S National Cancer Institute, 70% of drugs vital to cancer treatment are sourced from the tropics. 

Beyond its importance as a tourism capital, the region contains astounding amounts of natural wealth. Oil, precious stones, plant and animal materials, the export and imports from this region of the world can hardly be dismissed. 

We look forward to having you join us as we explore and discover all that the tropics has to offer. We offer a wide range of #tropicallyinspiredgear and, we are committed to doing our part to preserve the Tropical Vibes way of life today and for the future.


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